Bamboo Sheets, Quilts and Towels

Antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic - these properties also mean bamboo does not hold odours. These properties remain in the fibres wash after wash after wash. Bamboo is highly absorbent, up to about 60% more than the cotton equivalent and has faster evaporation. Bamboo fibres are also extremely tactile and silky making it very plush and comfy. A soft and smooth luxury to any bedroom or bathroom!

Also available - hooded Poncho Bamboo Towel by Bambooshka for toddlers. Blue, white, pink and purple, 65% Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 7% Polyester. These fantastic kids poncho towels come in different colours. Make bath time fun.

Organic Cotton Hooded Towels & Bibs

Organic Hooded Towel with Tie up Hood and Burp Cloth. 100% Organic Cotton and Dye, Japanese, Green with White Polka Dots.

Environmentally friendly dyeing method called Rakuyouzome. 100% natural dyes. Colours you won't find with any other dyeing method. Soft organic towelling on one side with cotton muslin on the reverse.

A T shape design which can be used as a hooded cape or open. Especially designed to encourage little ones to dry themselves and have fun doing so. Ideal for baby to 5 years plus. Organic Cotton Towel 60cm x 120cm, Burp Cloth 30cm x 56cm.
Matching Organic Cotton Face Cloth - Washers, Hand Towels and Bath Towels, Organic Cotton Blanket and Bibs also available.

Bed Covers

Organic Cotton

Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed agricultural crops in the world, using some of the most toxic chemicals. Cotton accounts for more than 10% of pesticide use, and 23% of insecticide use worldwide. Organic Cotton agriculture avoids the use of chemicals by promoting healthy plants and soil to control pests.

Pure Cotton Bath Towels

Beautiful colours to complement any bathroom with sheared Egyptian cuff detail. Choose from these very soft and absorbent towels. Enhance your bathing and pampering experience without costing the earth.
Available colours - BLUE, GREEN, RED and GOLD.

Butterfly Pattern, Striped and Superfine Cotton Bath Towels